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M & M's Showroom

M & M's Showroom has been established to showcase the work of Michael Burke, Engineer.  With nearly forty years experience in steel construction and metal fabrication Michael specialises in making your concepts into reality.  Call for a quote or email your concept and Micheal will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your project.

Architectural Steel

We specialise in custom architectural steel work and have many satisfied clients whose concepts have been turned into reality.  Past projects have included staircase railings, gates and grilles, shelves, light fixtures and door handles.


Steel framed custom trailers can be built whether your requirment is a mobile workshop or carrier for bikes/motorbikes.



The possibilities are endless.  You can design your own unique piece of custom furniture in wrought iron or steel to your measurements and requirements and have M & M's Showroom manufacture it for you.  If your piece requires timber that can be sourced locally and any upholstery is done by a colleague of Micheal's.

Play Equipment

M & M's Showroom manufacture a range of adult's play equipment.  Whether this be for the bedroom or the dungeon.  Projects are only limited by your imagination.  Unique and custom pieces to suit your character are a specialty.  The showroom will be featuring new pieces of equipment on a regular basis for you to see, feel, touch and try.

Room Hire

Whether you need that special place to play or whether you want to hold a small gathering the showroom is available for hire.  Permament pieces of equipment contained in the room include benches for various activities, a bondage frame, block and tackle for suspension, St Andrews cross that can rotate 360 degrees and a small isolation cage.  Come in to the showroom for a tour of the space or contact us for rates and availability.


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